New Record Low MacBook Deals Include Massive $300 Discount on 15-Inch MacBook Air, Starting at $999

Today we're highlighting a few record low prices on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, all of which are available at Best Buy. The highlight of the sale is the 256GB 15-inch MacBook Air for $999.00, a $300 discount and all-time low price on the notebook.

macbook greenNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Best Buy. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

The deal on the MacBook Air does not require a My Best Buy Plus or Total membership, but the MacBook Pro sales do require a membership. These start at $49.99 per year and grant exclusive access to certain deals, extended return windows, and more.

Best Buy still has a few options that ensure delivery before Christmas, including same and next-day shipping, as well as in-store pickup if your local Best Buy has stock. We are quickly approaching deadlines even for these options, so if you're still shopping be sure to place orders today or tomorrow to ensure delivery before the 25th.

15-inch M2 MacBook Air

15in macbook air green

Previously, this $300 markdown on the 15-inch MacBook Air was exclusive to My Best Buy Plus/Total members, but this massive deal is now available to everyone.

There's also the 512GB 15.3-inch M2 MacBook Air at $1,199.00, down from $1,499.00, which is another steep $300 markdown on the 2023 MacBook Air. You'll find every color on sale for both of these computers.

14-inch MacBook Pro

16in macbook pro green

Apple's 512GB 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro is available for a record low $1,349.00 for My Best Buy Plus/Total members, down from $1,599.00. Non-members can still purchase the notebook at a solid second-best price of $1,399.00.

Best Buy has the 1TB 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro for $1,549.00, down from $1,799.00. This one is a also a new all-time low price at $250 off, and it's again only available for My Best Buy Plus and My Best Buy Total members. The non-member price of $1,599.00 is still an excellent discount, however.

There are a few higher-end M3 Pro and M3 Max models on sale as well, and solid low prices across the board. These also require My Best Buy Plus or Total memberships.

16-inch MacBook Pro

14in macbook pro green

You'll find similar discounts on the 16-inch models of the new MacBook Pro, with up to $300 off select models for My Best Buy Plus/Total members and second-best prices for everyone else.

Keep up with all of this week's best discounts on Apple products and related accessories in our dedicated Apple Deals roundup.

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Top Rated Comments

mrat93 Avatar
1 week ago

These deals really highlight how overpriced Macs are at MSRP
The worst part is that it effectively makes upgraded models even more expensive.

Sure, a 15” MBA for $999 is a great value on its own for most average consumers — but oh, you want 16GB of RAM and 512GB — a $100 upgrade on most other computers? Guess you’re stuck paying $700 more for that bountiful RAM and storage.

Great for people who need a basic Mac, but a blatant ripoff for everyone else.
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sigmasirrus Avatar
1 week ago
Careful! Those Air configs and the 14 inch pros are only the 8GB RAM models. Why Apple gets away with selling anything with 8GB of RAM in 2023 I have no idea, especially on a Pro machine.
Score: 10 Votes (Like | Disagree)
turbineseaplane Avatar
1 week ago
These deals really highlight how overpriced Macs are at MSRP
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Agincourt Avatar
1 week ago
$250 for +8 GB RAM is outrageous

$250 USD for +8 GB RAM

$250 for +8 GB OF RAM!!!!

We need legislation to prohibit extreme price gouging. Apple is not paying anywhere near this for two 4 GB chips.

Attachment Image

Attachment Image
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ThailandToo Avatar
1 week ago

Windows laptops above $600/700 are quality. Windows laptops around $1000 are about the same quality as $1500-2000 Apple laptops.
I mean the fan boys can nay say that’s fine. But they will reference a $199 Walmart Acer as evidence while solid aluminum foldable 10 core windows laptops with 3080s and 2TB of storage, 32gb of ram and upgradable serviceable are laughing at them for $1299

I have completely given up on the PC side of Apple. When they lie to use trying to scam off 8GB of ram in 2023 I laughed.
As far as tablet and phones there isn’t much that catch up to them.
But on the PC side they have excessive competition.
And the fact they have lost 40% of sales in the laptop market since 2020 says a lot.

On top of the massive discounts being offered on new laptops.
The world is starting to see the real cost of the Apple Tax. And it’s cutting into their market share.
Just sell the entry level MacBook Air for $899 already. And the entry 14” MBP for $1099.
I just bought myself a new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Nano 2K Display with a great discount. The build quality is exceptional and since it’s made mostly of carbon fiber there’s no denting or scratching the metal easily. The keyboard is fabulous, as it has farther key travel and the shape of the keys is perfect for typing (I type 90-100 WPM on it vs 80-90 on the MacBooks). The display is nicer than the MacBook Air (the resolution is excellent but far better is it has a matte display), and it has no notch! It comes with 16GB RAM base! The battery life is good not as good as a MacBook. And it’s not as fast of a chip, but I can take the SSD out if there’s a problem and recover my data which is definitely more important to most business users like myself. Was a screaming deal and cheaper than my MacBook Pro by about $3500.

For my workers, they all have MacBooks in some form using Apple Silicon. I use a Mac for a lot of things. But for on the go work, I now use the ThinkPad. It somehow feels and looks more professional, too. IDK

I definitely feel like the Apple con of 8GB of RAM will come back to haunt it. I know the business decision is for Tim to make more money and get more stock grants, but his whole mission of saving the environment is marketing gimmick. These 8GB Macs will not stand the test of time just like iPhones couldn’t with 1GB or 2GB of RAM. It’s creating guaranteed more sales of Macs in the future if people don’t understand the con they were sold to begin with. And people on here want to defend Apple all the time. I love many things about Apple, but they’re still act like a monopoly and most of their actions aren’t to save the environment but marketing speak to sell more product!!!
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Baseiseough Avatar
1 week ago

And 8GB of RAM is NOT SUFFICIENT! It’s not sufficient right now let alone let it stand the test of time. The problem is like so many have mentioned, it costs an absurd amount to upgrade the RAM and most don’t realize they need more RAM than 8GB. I mean a few browser tabs, Office, and anything else means it’s just not going to cut it. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there proving Apple lied when it stated 8GB on the Mac is like 16GB on a PC. It’s absurd. And the RAM can be so much faster and is closer as it’s an SoC, but it’s still terribly limiting.

Add over time anything like an OS feature and they’re going to cut out the 8GB models first. It happens with iPhones, iPads, and even the MacBook Air with 4GB of RAM. There’s 12+GB of RAM in most Android phones sold at $600+ price point.

Apple should absolutely, raise the base price by $100 and make 16GB the starting RAM amount in any Mac. And people can say oh that’s too much money for people to pay, but at least Apple could be honest and state the problem is 8GB of RAM isn’t sufficient today let alone five years down the road. Five years down the road, the 8GB RAM limitation will have been felt for years. It doesn’t matter how many marketing gimmicks Apple comes up with, that RAM is the bottleneck in every Mac sold today. And even in 16GB MacBook Pros, the RAM will be the limiting bottleneck before any other component fails.

People want to say oh they upgraded because they needed WiFi 6e, but that’s never going to be a real bottleneck like the RAM is right now. They want a black 14” MacBook Pro and why do we have to pay more for the M3 Pro when all they need is the M3, well Apple is doing them at least a service of providing the minimum RAM needed right now of 16GB.
Sorry, but 8GB is sufficient. It is even sufficient to last 5 years. If what you do is using Microsoft Office or iWorks apps, it is plenty. Event for basic Photoshop tasks it is. RAM is not a good way to future proof your Mac. Apple uses RAM upgrades to boost their profit margin and that's all. RAM will never, ever, future proof you Mac. Apple always finds a way to make you want to upgrade your Mac and it's not with RAM. Did people who maxed their RAM on their intel i9 Mac future proof them? Heck, no! Apple makes you want to upgrade your computer with chips and ports. Apple may equip their next Mac with a brand new H3 chip which will allow lossless audio. They could also put a 5G modem on the next M4 MacBook! Hey! What about a new Apple external GPU that beats the heck out of anything NVIDIA has ever came up with! Sounds good? Hey! Who cares if you equipped your brand new Space Black M3 Max MacBook Pro with 500GB of RAM. It doesn't have the new Thunderbolt Pro (also known as ThunderBolt 5) the new M4 MB Pro with 18GB of RAM has so your out!

When you buy a Mac, you have to think about what you want to do with it for the next few years and that's all. Also, always go with the base model of the Mac you want so you'll get the best value if you want to sell it afterwards. Apple sells their base Macs with sufficient RAM to have good enough performance for the task they have been designed to do. The rest is all about upselling and profit margin.
Score: 3 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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